Shaun McKenna


As someone who grew up in a sailing family and still sails to this day, I bring a deep understanding and passion for the world of sailing, yachting, and boat photography and video. My personal connection to the sport allows me to capture the essence of sailing in a way that resonates with fellow sailors.

With my background as a highly skilled photographer and director, I have the technical expertise and creative vision to produce stunning imagery and captivating videos that showcase the beauty, excitement, and spirit of sailing. Whether it’s capturing the sleek lines of a racing yacht slicing through the water, the exhilaration of a regatta in full swing, or the serenity of a yacht gliding along a tranquil coastline, I have the knowledge and experience to create visuals that truly evoke the magic of sailing.

What sets me apart as a sailing photographer and videographer is my ability to anticipate the action and capture decisive moments that tell a story. Whether it’s the intensity of a race start, the camaraderie of a crew working in harmony, or the pure joy of cruising under sail, I strive to convey the unique thrill and beauty of sailing in every image and frame.

Moreover, my experience as a sailor allows me to navigate the nuances of the sport and understand what makes each sailing experience special. Whether it’s the thrill of competition, the sense of freedom and adventure, or the connection to nature and the elements, I aim to capture the essence of sailing in a way that resonates with sailors and non-sailors alike.

I’m thrilled to bring my expertise to clients like Australian Sailing. So whether you’re looking to document a regatta, showcase a yacht for sale, or capture the magic of a sailing adventure, you can count on me, Shaun McKenna, to bring your vision to life with creativity, skill, and passion. Because for me, there’s nothing quite like the beauty and excitement of sailing, and I’m committed to sharing that passion with the world through my photography and video work.

Shaun McKenna

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