Shaun McKenna

Aerial photography and video

One of the areas I specialise in is construction, heavy machinery, and equipment photography. With drones, I can capture stunning aerial shots of construction sites, showcasing the progress of projects, the magnitude of machinery, and the intricate details of equipment. Whether it’s towering cranes, massive excavators, or intricate assembly lines, I use aerial photography to provide a unique and comprehensive view of these operations.

But my work extends far beyond construction sites. I’ve had the privilege of capturing aerial footage of shipping ports and docks, showcasing the bustling activity of vessels loading and unloading cargo, as well as the strategic infrastructure that keeps these operations running smoothly. From container ships to cargo terminals, I aim to highlight the importance of these hubs in global trade and logistics.

In addition to traditional industries, I’ve also ventured into the renewable energy sector, documenting wind farms, solar farms, and other sustainable energy projects. With drones, I can capture sweeping aerial views of wind turbines turning gracefully in the breeze or solar panels glistening in the sun, highlighting the potential of renewable energy to power our world in a cleaner, more sustainable way.

What excites me most about working in this space is the incredible diversity of businesses I get to profile. From construction companies and shipping firms to renewable energy developers and logistics providers, each business plays a vital role in shaping our world and driving progress. Through my aerial photography and video production, I aim to showcase the scale, scope, and significance of these industries, providing a unique perspective that resonates with viewers and stakeholders alike.

So whether you’re a construction company breaking ground on a new project, a shipping company navigating the high seas, a renewable energy developer harnessing the power of nature, or a logistics provider facilitating global trade, you can count on me, Shaun McKenna, to deliver stunning aerial photography and video that captures the essence of your business and showcases your impact on the world. Because for me, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of capturing the beauty and complexity of our world from above.

Shaun McKenna

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