My name is Shaun McKenna

and I am a seasoned visual media content creator with a career spanning over three decades, marked by a rich diversity of roles and global experiences. I am currently the Creative Director at Media Strategy in Melbourne, Australia, where I lead a talented team in crafting compelling digital content to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

My professional journey has taken me across the globe, with significant stints in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, England, Scotland, and Germany. My expertise spans visual effects, editing, compositing, training, and digital content production.

Media Strategy (Sep 2020 – Present)
As Creative Director at Media Strategy, I oversee the creation of innovative digital content. I lead a team in developing visual media strategies that resonate with audiences, ensuring high-quality production and client satisfaction.

Since returning to Australia nearly 15 years ago, I have predominantly worked for my own business, specialising in photography, filmmaking, web design, and motion graphics. I provided comprehensive publicity services, developing marketing strategies, storyboarding, and implementing website designs for a diverse clientele.

Sky (England)
At Sky, I worked as a VFX Flame and Henry Artist. I refined my skills in 2D visual effects and editing, managing projects under tight deadlines to produce high-end promotional content, sponsorship materials, idents, branding, and title sequences.

Evolutions (Soho, London)
I served as a Smoke and Henry Artist at Evolutions, exceeding client expectations with creative solutions for commercial and broadcast clients. My work here further cemented my reputation in the industry.

Viasat Broadcasting (Middlesex)
In my role at Viasat Broadcasting, I was a VFX Graphic Designer, Editor, and Trainer. I played a crucial part in Viasat’s operations across Scandinavia and the Baltics, ensuring high standards and timely delivery of visual content.

National Film & Television School (Beaconsfield Studios)
As a Flame and Smoke Tutor, I shared my extensive knowledge with students, contributing to the academic field by training the next generation of creative talent.

Freelance Roles
My freelance positions with organisations such as MTV UK, Northern & Eastern Europe, Edit123 in Glasgow, and Astro in Kuala Lumpur provided me with invaluable experience in diverse cultural and professional settings, enhancing my versatility as a visual effects artist and content creator.

Significant Roles
Astro (MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems) Kuala Lumpur (Jun 1997 – Jun 1998)
At Astro, I was a Senior Editor specialising in Visual Effects Compositing and Training. I mastered the Editbox system and took pride in training junior editors. My ability to learn quickly and share knowledge was noted by my supervisors. The strong relationships I built with colleagues and clients underscored my commitment to excellence.

Star TV Hong Kong (Jun 1995 – Aug 1996)
During my time at Star TV, I served as a Senior Editor. I quickly adapted to the digital editing environment, mastering the equipment in the edit suites. My technical and creative abilities made me one of the most requested editors. Colleagues and clients appreciated my dedication and collaborative approach, contributing to my professional growth.

I am known for my dedication, creativity, and high personal standards. I consistently deliver outstanding results, often under challenging circumstances. My enthusiasm for visual storytelling and my ability to exceed expectations have earned me high praise from colleagues and clients alike.

My career is a testament to my passion for visual media and my commitment to excellence. From leading teams at Media Strategy to training future industry talent, I continue to leverage my extensive experience to create impactful content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Shaun McKenna

Digital Content Creation

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